Hi, I'm Morgan!
I am a senior Fine Arts student. Cosmic Noir is a chance for me to showcase the works I have done over the years and perhaps sell those works. I have years of experience with drawing, painting, sculpture, performance art, jewelry making, printmaking, ceramics, and much more! Much of my work deals with topics of existentialism, introspection, surrealism, gender roles, and maybe a mix of all of them. 

              As a shy child I preferred to spend my days alone daydreaming and doodling. Quiet, but never content, always yearning for something more. This metaphysical wanderlust cultivated my love for the arts. It is with that passion that I have gained over 15 years of art experience under my belt. Through high school I was able to learn how to work with multiple types of media and how to present my work at galleries. Since then I have continued my studies into collegiate level with the hopes of graduating with a BFA in the spring of 2018. Creating art has become a catharsis away from dark times in my life. Art is a way for me to communicate my passions or the things I fear most when words fail me. As long as I get to keep creating, for now, that’s enough for me.